Billy 2.0 - Typeface

Claire Joines
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This is Billy 2.0 - a new & improved version of my 2014 font Billy.

Billy's updates include:

  • Improved kerning

  • Improved glyph design

  • 349 glyphs - Latin supplement & extended

  • Dotting the i's and j's

Billy is free to use for personal use non-profit causes (download here), but to use him commercially you've got to pay. You can pay any amount you like, so please consider what you'll be using him for and how much value he'll give you in your project/s. Once you've purchased Billy, you can download any future versions at your leisure for no additional cost.

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Email me if you have any issues or questions

  • A font & a very boring document

  • A font & a very boring document
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Billy 2.0 - Typeface

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